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  • Filipino delegates attended the 50th Annual Convention of the American Biological Safety Association, 20 Oct 2007.
  • Chapters of ABSA shared growing need of Biosafety and Biosecurity professionals.
  • Challenged to organize our very own association.
  • Task Working Group of Lab Biosafety Task Force of the Dept. of Health, in our preparation of Manual of Standards on the National Laboratory Biosafety and Biosecurity
  • Birth of the PhBBA Inc.
  • PBBA will play a major role to harmonize  the needs  and requirement of the concerned stakeholders.


  1. To provide a forum for its members to discuss and issues of concerns,
  2. To represent those working in the field of Biosafety/Biosecurity and associated activities,
  3. To facilitate interaction amongst Biosafety/Biosecurity professionals /scientists across all disciplines and from all countries,
  4. To promote the participation of all scientists in the international scientific endeavor,
  5. To provide independent, technical advice to stimulate constructive dialogue between the scientific community and governments, civil society, and the private sector.

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