Short Term Plans

  • To organize a Symposium to discuss National Lab. Biosafety and Biosecurity Policy,  Standards, and Guidelines on the Operation of High Containment Laboratories- as a General Assembly for members;
  • To conduct Biosecurity workshops/ symposium/ forum for DOH/DA Laboratories.

Activities conducted:

  • To organize a Seminar / Forum  on the Awareness raising on  Laboratory Biosafety and Biosecurity Practices in the Philippines
  • Advocacy lectures were conducted in medical schools, medtech, and nursing students; July,  Aug Sept/08
  • 3 Lectures during Consultative meetings for NLBBTFAP- DOH/DA, June/Aug/ Sept 2008
  • Biosecurity and Dual Use Research of Concern  workshops- by DOST, Oct 2-3, 2008

Long Term Plans

  • To assist the  Department of Health & Dept. of Agriculture to lobby  for the approval and implementation of the National policy on Lab. Biosafety and Biosecurity (its Standards & Guidelines)
  • To work on the Model legislation proposal entitled  “BTWC Implementation and Pathogen Security Act.”